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  • Little Corner Store


    Little Corner Store

    I grew up on the North Side, on Malverne Drive. My husband and I bought the family house and still live here. When I was little, we were just down the hill from a little corner store, a Silver Star, on Hillside and Huntley streets. The woman, Mrs. Coleman, had white hair, and Mr. Coleman was tall, straight-backed, and I think he spoke with an accent. At the entrance to the store was a large glass enclosed case of penny candy! No matter how busy they were with people who spent money on real groceries, Mrs. Coleman always took the time to stand and listen to the kids say, “I want that one. Oh, no, no, I want that. No, I'll take this one.” She had the patience of Job, just wonderful! Even when I was older and stopped there on errands for my mom, she used to smile and say, “Don't you want something from the candy counter?”