Jane Verostek

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  • 2022 Poster: Rolling Soundtracks Flow


    Rolling Soundtracks Flow

    I'm a lifelong Syracusan and artist who creates 3D pieces, photography, and written word. Historically, I have written haiku for the Syracuse Poster Project on things I love about
    Syracuse—its history, architecture, and the arts. This year was a game-changer for me as the project was looking for not only haiku but also three-to-four-line poems and provided poets with “spirit” topic categories to write about. I was drawn to the “spirit” category of bike-borne-boom-boxes. There was just something electrifying and exhilarating about the topic.

    As soon as I read it, music was playing in my head and my head was bobbing as words flowed from my pen. I don't write poetry on a computer; I write pages and pages of words and thoughts about a topic and make different combinations of them until I feel my poem has the right rhythm and has the ability for a reader to render my words into a vision.

    I'm so honored to have my poem interpreted into an illustration by a local artist and to have our two forms of art come together to create one unified piece of art.