James McCampbell

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  • 2021 Poster: Wild Autumn Wind Whips


    Wild Autumn Wind Whips

    Walking along Onondaga Lake the summer of 2020 I met a woman who told me about the Poster Project. That afternoon I wrote this haiku about an unforgettable kiss by that lake decades earlier – a snapshot of an innocent young couple in college starting life together.

    This college romance led to a marriage proposal at our graduation dinner dance. He fell on his knees at the top of a formal, winding staircase, and a friend he grew up with took a photo I have to this day.

    Our plans together were cut short, however, because thirty-three days later he died instantly in a car crash on the way to meet me. And yet, even once, even briefly, that glimpse of eternity sustains me. And although pain lasts a lifetime, so does joy.

    There was a door to which I found no key
    There was a veil past which I could not see
    Some little talk awhile of me and thee
    There seemed—and then no more of thee and me.
    ― Omar Khayyám