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  • Flapjacks, hash, eggs, toast


    Flapjacks, hash, eggs, toast

    I love a good diner. I just love how you can order practically anything. You can't go wrong with a diner. But I wasn't familiar with the Little Gem. I had no idea, despite spending four years in college here. As SU students, we know about Stella's and Cosmo's, but we don't really hear about the little places when they close or reopen. So it was nice to learn about it.

    I know the haiku was about how the Little Gem was closing, but it had a lighthearted way of putting it. Just with the “One dawn a sparkle faded,” it seemed cute, but also sad, about something closing. And that sort of appealed to my personality. I like to find the humor in almost anything. I try to make things sound nice even if it's not the best thing.