Gabriella Silverstein

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  •  Leaf-Strewn Vibrant Woods


    Leaf-Strewn Vibrant Woods

    I love the imagery in this poem. When I first read it, I envisioned yellow, which is why that is the dominant color in this piece. I also like that this poem is about love. One of my mom and stepdad's favorite things to do together is hold hands. They have a special set of mittens where the left mitten of one set and the right mitten of the other set are sewn together so that they can hold hands in the mittens. They call them their “meandering mittens.” When I read this poem, I saw my mom and stepdad. I didn't illustrate them, but they were the inspiration.

    I also love walking in nature, and specifically the feeling when the trees arch into a tunnel and it seems as if I am in my own world in the woods. The trees and nature in autumn here in Syracuse blend naturally to that feeling, and that was part of the inspiration for the composition of this piece.