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  • 2022 Poster: From the Past they Speak


    From the Past they Speak

    I sent in haiku to the Poster Project for the last few years and was thrilled that mine was one of the ones selected this year. What doubled the thrill was the fact that it was the “Spirit of Ancestral Guidance” that won.

    My children are the fifth generation to live here on our little farm in Parish in rural Oswego County. Both sets of my grandparents and my paternal great grandfather came from a part of Austria which is in present-day Ukraine. I can't imagine leaving my home at such a young age to move to another city, never mind another country across the ocean.

    I loved hearing the stories and it gives me chills to think that I walk on the ground here that they walked on and touch things in the house, barn, and other buildings that they touched. I think that was very inspiring that they opened this year's contest with the “spirits” theme. Thank you to everyone involved for giving me the opportunity to honor my ancestors!