Ester Guncheon

contributor to 1 poster

  • Illustration of Guxtav Stickley and chairs superimposed on The Craftsman magazine


    Bold Strong Shapes Take Form

    I was dancing in the stars when I learned my haiku was paired with visual artist Meg Stephens for the Syracuse Poster Project.

    To write poetry is joyful and spontaneous for me and ultimately a surprise. I have always adored words—as a child the dictionary and encyclopedia were favorite books filled with delicious exotic treasure—and my father showed me the world of the fantastic and sparked my love of writing, thinking, fun, laughter, and jazz. With this particular haiku, I thought about Gustav Stickley expertly designing and crafting the furniture, then the final destination of the table and chairs as it becomes integrated into someone else's history.

    This was one poem my daughter wasn’t able to say, “Oh, another morose poem from….”