Ellen Edgerton

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    Empty Factories

    Illustrating a poster for the Syracuse Poster Project has been on my artist's “bucket list” for a long time, so I was happy to finally have a chance to submit one for the Project's 20th anniversary year.

    I chose this haiku because it really spoke to the theme of this year's poster series, and the last line in particular really grabbed me. It gave an opportunity to depict something both historic and futuristic!

    In recent years, many old industrial buildings in Syracuse have undergone fabulous makeovers by architects, but as we have sometimes seen, no amount of money or architectural vision will make these neighborhoods come alive if people don't move in and bring color and movement with them.

    Although I have worked with physical media in the past, this piece was created on an iPad. Digital tools helped to create a bold perspective for this street scene that I found refreshing to work with.