Elizabeth Crosby

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  • 2004 Poster: A Christmas Tree Glows


    A Christmas Tree Glows

    I like architecture, because I'm attracted to order. And I like landscape, because it's its own illustration of God's creation, and truly beautiful. So I like combining the two.

    I was also thinking about our family's Christmas traditions, including putting up the Christmas tree. Christmas has always been a big tradition for us.

    But I also wanted the author's perspective. So I went to Jasper Street. I found a house that I thought would be appropriate for the illustration, and took some pictures.

    Then I started to think about the associations you make with home and Christmas. You think of driving by people's houses, looking at their Christmas lights, the Christmas trees in the window, the snow on the lawn. That's kind of how I went about doing it.

  • 2004 Poster: Polished Wood and Brass


    Polished Wood and Brass

    My parents came up my freshman year for parents' weekend and we staid at the Hotel Syracuse. It's a beautiful and classic building, with huge windows and chandeliers, and beautiful columns and carpeting. It's a gem for Syracuse to have.

    For the illustration, I went back, and asked if I could take some reference photographs. I took tons, because there were so many beautiful compositions. There was actually a wedding about to go on. So I took pictures as people greeted their guests.

    I was just playing around with different angles. I found this angle interesting, where you're looking into the hotel, anticipating entering, seeing what the hotel has to offer. And I like the anonymity of the figures in the painting. You almost don't notice them.