Elise Beauchamp

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  • Season of Color


    Season of Color

    Choosing a haiku for this project was easier than I expected, considering the sheer amount of them there was to pick from. There were so many great submissions! In the end, my love of fall, and in particular my love of Halloween, made the choice for me. It felt only right to feature a jack-o-lantern with its big grin and spooky-but-inviting vibe. It really made making the piece a lot of fun, especially considering I got to put my own twist to it. I've always been a sucker for sci-fi and fantasy anything, so having a little fire spirit live in the pumpkin felt like a good mix of my favorite things.

    Art is a great place to do work when your head's in the clouds—sometimes you get to bring it with you when you come back to Earth.