Devyn Passaretti

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  •  An Ocean Blue Sky


    An Ocean Blue Sky

    I gravitated to this poem because I really enjoy Green Lakes. I'm from Rhode Island, so I am by the water all the time. I went to Green Lakes for the first time at the end of freshman year and fell in love with it. It's like a hidden gem. It has a nice hiking trail, and the water is the most unique color—such a vivid and vibrant green and blue.

    I focused first on the dragonfly because I was so intrigued by their intricate wings. At first I was going to do a traditional landscape, but I knew I wanted to incorporate Green Lakes in a more modern way. I was looking at things online and there were terrariums in interesting glass containers. This inspired me to put Green Lake in a Mason jar to make it a little surreal because the poem talks about a dragonfly dreaming.