David Pasinski

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  • 2022 Poster: When I Call to Them


    When I Call to Them

    All religions and cultures revere their ancestors. In Christian tradition, the concept of the communion of saints—mystical union with those who have died and awareness of them as a great cloud of witnesses who have paved the way—is a powerful belief for many.

    My haiku reflects that viewpoint. I have known so many witnesses who have blessed my life and while I do not experience them as some do, I routinely "feel" an attitude, grace, or strength that seems to come from one of them.

    As far as writing inspiration, on a daily basis I read "Poetry Foundation," "A Writer's Almanac," and "Center for action and Contemplation"—free and inspiring of reflection.

  • 2023 Poster: As Far as Friends Go


    As Far as Friends Go

    I have been blessed throughout my life with friends. I do not say that lightly or take it for granted. I have shared laughter and tears for over sixty years with some of them and felt that they have “walked” with me past any expectations. I only hope that I have shown my deep gratitude and appreciation in being able to accompany them also.

    We obviously don’t know what the future holds and there are moral, emotional, financial, and physical limits we each have. Yet I hope to respond within those in a most loving way in this precious gift of friendship.