David Moreau

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  • 2002 Poster: Passing Crows Caw As


    Passing Crows Caw As

    I guess I was even thinking about jazz in the way the haiku was written. There was something about the beats, with the soft and hard syllables, that had syncopation to it—a jazz-like quality.

    So I had the poem in front of me, and I just started sketching furiously, until I found something that I liked. The character is a large part of it. The image almost has a 1930's quality. It reminds me of the films of that era.

    And then the power lines. Power lines, for some reason, are something I associate with Syracuse. I don't know why. They have this kind of lyrical, flowing quality to them. So I tried to get that with the power lines in the image as well.