Crystal Choi

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  •  Pigeons Peck the Street


    Pigeons Peck the Street

    I started drawing when I was three, pretty much since I could pick up a pencil. I didn't decide on an illustration major until I was a junior in high school and looking at colleges, but I always knew I wanted to do art. I want to do artwork that will tell a story, serve a purpose, be seen by people and be understood. I want to be a visual story teller.

    I've done some work for student run publications at SU, but this is the first big publishing success I've ever had. Other than this I haven't done anything outside of the university, mostly because I've been caught up with school work so I never had a chance to branch out. But now as a senior, after doing work for this poster and the on-campus magazines, I'll definitely start to send my work to more places.