Craig Overbeck

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  • Buzzing Up Above


    Buzzing Up Above

    I love haiku because it's a cool challenge to capture an entire moment in 17 syllables. I often compose haiku in my head when I'm running. That's how this one came about. I was running at Green Lakes, under the trees in July, and the cicadas provided the signing.

    I'm an elementary school teacher and I do haiku with the kids. It helps them to focus and really look at something, instead of just rushing past. Then, when they actually put it into words, I hope they see it in a new way, and say, “Wow!”

  • 2023 Poster: These Old Growth Giants


    These Old Growth Giants

    There’s a stretch of old growth forest near Green Lakes that I visit often. It’s a sacred place. These immense old giants—tulip trees and hemlocks—tower above as I pass by. I’m sure their understanding of the earth is much deeper than mine. I feel fortunate to share a few moments with them.

    Like the Ents in Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, I suspect trees find humans a bit hasty. They watch us pass by and wonder “What’s the rush?” They know the world will be fine without us.
    I love haiku for the way it takes a few words, an image that in your head and heart expands to embrace the World!