Christa O'Malley

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  • 2002 Poster: Windblown Willows Dance


    Windblown Willows Dance

    I've never really done frogs before, but I thought they'd be fun. I usually do figurative work. But I may get into children's books, so I've been gearing more toward animals.

    The poem says, “Frog songs by the lake.” So I did research on frogs, and they have that vocal sack that blows up. So I decided to do one with a vocal sack. And I just wanted to do a series of three. I'm pretty happy with them. I think I could have done a little more work on the background, spent more time on the water. But I had fun with the frogs.

    I don't usually work in such bright colors. Maybe browns, oranges and blues. Not so much bright green, yellow and blue in one painting.