Chris Barrett

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  • 2023 Poster: Listen to Whispers


    Listen to Whispers

    I chose the haiku about whispers from the past due to how the past informs the present and future. Much of what we experience and interact with on a daily basis has roots in the past, and to be able to hear the stories of the past we need to observe and listen to the subtle cues around us. It was a challenge to decide on a visual concept without a specific subject or location provided in the poem.

    To tie the poem to the region and land, I began researching the regional geology and learned about the Onondaga Limestone formation that extends across the state and into Canada. Upon more investigation I learned that some iconic Syracuse buildings were constructed from the quarried stone, specifically the White Memorial Building, SU’s Hall of languages, and the Onondaga County Savings Bank. Once this connection was found with geology, the pieces all fell into place.

    The whispering lips and attentive ear met images of actual quarry stone and became the vehicle for the story. I enjoy creating layers in my work and this illustration is no different. Layers of meaning found in the earth we walk upon and numerous people’s lives who have existed within and around the walls of these buildings.