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  • Lunchtime on a Bench


    Lunchtime on a Bench

    I don't have much of Hanover Square in my painting, but you can see the buildings in the background. The square has a pleasant atmosphere, the buildings are colorful, the fountain is nice, and the area has its own quiet personality.

    I had never been to Hanover Square until this project. I went with my friend, Hank. We owed each other a favor, because the night before he used me as a photo reference. So I said, “How about I use you?” We headed out early in the morning and had the square almost to ourselves.

    I'll admit we didn't have an actual hotdog, so we made a makeshift one, using a roll. It was a nice day and we had good light for pictures. Afterwards, we gave the bread to the birds so they could enjoy a nice breakfast.