Brian Mitchell

contributor to 2 posters

  • 2023 Poster: Yoga in the Park


    Yoga in the Park

    As a person that uses many words when sharing a story, I find writing a haiku very restrictive and limiting. Oddly though, I also find it to be equally liberating and enjoyable. There is a purity that comes with saying so much in so few words.

    This haiku was inspired by outdoor yoga practices in the summer of 2022. Mats were placed on the earth under old elm trees outside the Salt Museum overlooking Onondaga lake. We moved through our poses and focused on our breath. I had a renewed appreciation for the trees creating oxygen through photosynthesis. The sun was warm, and the breeze was cool. I was filled with gratitude. All of this and more I tried to share through my haiku.

    I am honored and grateful for the opportunity and recognition to share my haiku. Many heartfelt thanks to the folks at the Poster Project and the artist with whom I share this poster.

  • Illustration of Moses Fleetwood Walker superimposed on historic newspapers


    He Made History

    The act of writing poetry, haiku in particular, is an enjoyable struggle. It has become an important part of my life.

    I’m grateful for the introduction to Moses Fleetwood Walker, a wonderfully courageous and inspirational human being.

    I’m grateful for Obamique Leader, the artist that chose to share this Poster Project with me.

    I’m grateful for all the people at the Syracuse Poster Project, most especially Jim Emmons for creating and managing this fantastic cultural experience.