Amy Cunningham-Waltz

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  • December Snowflakes


    December Snowflakes

    Not being a native of Syracuse made choosing my haiku even more special and thought provoking.

    I fell in love with the look of the mismatched architecture in Hanover Square. Buildings and traditional landscapes are not something I usually paint, so I enjoyed working outside my comfort zone.

    All the elements of my composition were painted with watercolor or ink and then put together digitally.

    I was trying to create a timeless feeling to my cityscape to honor Hanover Square as one of the oldest commercial districts in the city that has evolved into a beautiful vibrant place to visit or live.

  • Lingering Summer


    Lingering Summer

    I choose this particular haiku because after living in urban suburbia for most of my adult life, I had forgotten the magic of fireflies at sunset.

    I am a transplant from Boston and the abundance of nature that now surrounds me makes my soul happy. The gorgeous sunsets often make me pull my car over just to stop and enjoy the view.

    The minute I read this haiku I knew it was the one I needed to try and bring to life visually. It made me think of my new backyard and the wonder I felt when I noticed all the little fireflies flickering among the grass while a beautiful sunset painted the sky above the tree line.