Alexandra Grant

contributor to 2 posters

  •  Snow Spins Through Streetlights


    Snow Spins Through Streetlights

    I selected this haiku because of its strong imagery. I was easily able to visualize the snowy spectacle as soon as I read it.

    It was important to me to include elements unique to the city of Syracuse like the Crouse College of fine Art building silhouetted in the background.

    Anyone who has spent a winter in this city is familiar with beautiful, but freezing scene illustrated here.

  •  Travel the Wide Bank


    Travel the Wide Bank

    After reading the haiku, I could immediately visualize the poster I created. I knew I wanted it to be very colorful and loosely emulate the art nouveau style.

    I believe that the art nouveau style reflects the richness of the Erie Canal's history, while the bright colors mirror the Canal's natural setting. I hoped to showcase the Canal in an elevated light, magnifying the experience for the viewer.